Sonic Games of Today and Tomorrow

It is undoubtedly true that sonic games of today remain one of the best video games of all time for many people. Some may like the Nintendo’s Mario, but the following for Sonic games from Sega has risen to such heights they have nothing to envy Mario’s popularity.

In fact the Blue Blur has established himself as one of the best game characters by players in the field. Many of us still remember when he first appeared in 1991, the year where he actually marked his birth. Of course, Sonic games became a strong contender to the Mario series of games from the point forth. Their acceptance was been clearly demonstrated by the 50 million copies sold worldwide from the time they first appeared in store shelves. As the Hedgehog celebrates his twentieth birthday, we can surely say his fans have multiplied all over the world.

One significant thing about the game that might interest you is the fact that it has lots similarity to that of Mario. For instance, in the case where Mario is maneuvering his ways through the tunnel, Sonic would do same. However, noticeable differences are he is a hedgehog and not a human being, the cast of characters and plot have given the game a different taste thanks to the developers at Sega.

Sonic games of today have twenty years in the making, lots of elegant and highly appealing graphics, adding much appeal to an enthusiastic young gamer. On the other hand, some aspects of the game remain from the time of their first release. The fact that sonic runs at supersonic speeds, that collecting rings gives the player added points, and that evil Dr. Robotnik is one of his worse enemies have kept a face on the game’s identity.

Sega has explored with various Sonic game releases, some good, some bad, but in the end all adding up in experience which in this writers opinion allows them to produce an ever more entertaining game, having learned from their mistakes. Sonic games of tomorrow will surely invite some new aspects not available before due to the lack of technology and resources, such as multiplayer interaction, virtual reality, and 3D graphics. Let’s hope for the best, surely the Hedgehog has many more hours of fun coming your way in the next few decades.


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