The Psychology of Danger

On the psychological elements of danger and the importance of perception of danger

To some people danger is very interesting and challenging whether people engage in dangerous activities such as spying or even bungee jumping, the ability to face, control and overcome danger are some of the major challenges that some people seem to enjoy. The lure of danger is almost irresistible for some as being able to participate in some sort of dangerous activity is akin to a state of arousal and participation in dangerous activities could lead to hormonal changes. Danger has two elements in its psychological effects – one is the feeling of fear and the other is the need to overcome this feeling of fear. So let’s say there is an effect and an anti-effect as a feeling of fear leads to a feeling of vulnerability and weakness and the survival factor in a human urges a person towards facing and overcoming this feeling of vulnerability and weakness.

The fear factor and need to control, manipulate, challenge and overcome the fear factor is the main motivation for embracing all forms of danger. However one very important thing is the perception of danger and in some cases the attraction towards a dangerous activity increases if it is considered as sufficiently challenging and dangerous and these people who perceive danger as attractive are ones who are aware of their feelings of fear and are strangely motivated by these feelings of fear. In some other cases certain activities despite being dangerous may not be considered as dangerous enough by certain people and this suggests that these people who do not want to perceive danger as dangerous enough are motivated by the need to overcome feelings of fear.

The perception of danger is thus motivated by these two factors – the need to face and confront danger and the need to overcome or conquer danger. The attraction for danger is especially high for people who like probing or understanding things at a deeper level. Some may not be exceptionally sporty and might prefer dangerous activities that may not involve physical risk situations as in case of writers or journalists who may take great risks to portray events and situations or their own controversial thoughts although they may not directly get involved in physically dangerous situations yet are nevertheless seekers of danger in a certain way. Thus there can be many kinds of danger that people are attracted to and these may be:


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